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Our Whitening program is extended to individuals who take their oral hygiene and general dental health seriously. We believe it is extremely important to maintain recommended hygiene care appointments and receive necessary dental treatment to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. In fact, patients who maintain regular hygiene appointments and receive recommended treatment spend less money on dental care (on average) than those who only see the dentist when they perceive a problem exists. This program is meant to serve as a gift for choosing our office and also as an incentive to maintain proper oral health by visiting our office at least twice a year. We pride ourselves on the smiles that leave our practice and we look forward to a relaxed and pleasant visit with you soon.


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  1. Custom made take home whitening upper and lower trays plus whitening product
  2. Up to 2 refill whitening pens per year.


  1. Must complete initial hygiene cleaning, x-rays, and exam by fee for service or PPO insurance plan. HMO plans do not qualify.
  2. Must make and keep up with scheduled re-care hygiene visits to qualify for refills.
  3. Must comply with minimum required dental care as treatment planned by doctor.
  4. After all necessary dental treatment has been completed, patient will have impressions taken for professional whitening system.
  5. A maximum of one whitening refill will be rewarded at each re-care appointment and up to 2 refills annually.
  6. Lost or destroyed custom trays will be replaced at cost to patient.
  7. Must not have outstanding bills with our office to qualify for refills.
  8. Whitening will not be performed if there is any periodontal (gum) disease.


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by Anonymous on October 2, 2018

This is a great dental office. They greet you when you enter, and give you a status report on how soon you will be seen. They do thorough and professional work on you, so you are always satisfied with the results. And when you are finished, they are generous with their time planning your next visit, and answering any questions you might have. They also give fantastic advice on what you should be doing at home to maintain great dental health.

star star star star star
by CRYSTAL L on October 2, 2018

First class operation. Excellent care for over a decade!

star star star star star
by NAZY Z on October 2, 2018

On time and took care of exactly what I was concerned about.. Thank you had a great experience

star star star star star
by William (Drew) P on October 2, 2018

The costs are incredibly high, even with insurance. I would not go back and not refer anyone. I am going to try to be placed with a different primary care dentist.

star star star star star
by Kami C on October 2, 2018

He is very patient and kind when dealing with TMD. I also like his techniques he uses to get to the root of the issue and not just patch it up like many dentists I have dealt with before.

star star star star star
by VICTORIA B on October 2, 2018

Office very nice, and staff friendly. Dr Solomon very professional and full of expert information , would go back and tell friends, Thank You