Top 5 Reasons Why Neuromuscular Dentists are More Adept at Doing Cosmetic Restorations than General Dentists

Top 5 Reasons Why Neuromuscular Dentists are More Adept at Doing Cosmetic Restorations than General Dentists:

What exactly is a neuromuscular dentist and why should you seek treatment from a neuromusclar dentist instead of a general dentist?

  • Additional Training
  • More Comprehensive Care
  • More Advanced Technology
  • More Precise and Accurate Dental Restorations
  • More Stringent Standards and Guidelines
  1. Additional training – Neuromuscular dentists go through extensive, continuous training well beyond the required minimum. As a result, they become some of the top experts in the fields cosmetic dentistry and dental restorations. Dr. Solomon received his training from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and is a proud LVI fellow. In addition, Dr. Solomon continually takes advance courses to stay up to date with the most advanced technologies and best dental treatment methods.
  1. More comprehensive care – Neuromuscular dentists are experts in the muscles, nerves, and overall tissues of the jaw, face, and neck. Dr. Solomon does not only treat your teeth and gums as isolated entities as a general dentist would. Instead, he takes into consideration your overall bite and alignment of the mouth and jaw area. As a result, neuromuscular dentists are able to provide the most aesthetically pleasing dental restorations such as crowns, composite fillings, and bridges while maintaining your best overall oral health.
  1.  Knowledge of the newest and most advanced technology and dental treatment methods – Since neuromuscular dentists are actively involved in continuing education and advanced courses, they are always up-to-date with the best treatment methods and technology. Dr. Solomon’s Los Angeles office proudly offers the highly coveted CEREC machine for his patients to receive convenient, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing one-visit dental crowns. Dr. Solomon also highly values the health of his patients and utilizes digital x-rays to minimize the amount of exposure to radiation.
  1. More precise and accurate dental restorations– Neuromuscular dentists understand your bite inside and out. They don’t just guess or estimate where your teeth will come together. Instead, they actually measure your bite and know exactly where your teeth will come together. This allows neuromuscular dentists to make extremely precise and accurate dental restorations.
  1. More Stringent Standards – Due to the extensive training neuromuscular dentists must go through, they are held to more stringent standards in their work. You can rest assured that the dental care you receive from a neuromuscular dentist is detailed, precise, and of extremely high quality. Dr. Solomon has mastered advanced classes in the areas of:
    • Full mouth reconstruction
    • Comprehensive aesthetic reconstruction
    • Advanced functional aesthetics
    • Neuromuscular occlusion
    • Neuromuscular coronoplasty and case finishing
    • Smile design and bite analysis
    • Neuromuscular dentistry
    • Computer aided occlusal evaluation
    • Practical occlusion

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