Oral Healthcare Basics

Oral hygiene is only as effective as the routine you plan for it. Here are some tips to help anyone go back to basics and keep up on oral health.


Most dentists will recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, with three times being the ideal. Any more than that and you risk damaging your gums from over brushing. Also, make sure you clear out enough time to brush thoroughly. Dentists recommend that you spend at least two minutes brushing, with about 30 seconds spent on each portion of your mouth. It helps to divide your mouth into imaginary quadrants, then spend equal time on each. You should also get in the habit of starting in a new place each time you brush. That way you won’t brush one area too heavily.

It’s also important that you find proper technique. You should be holding your brush at a 45 degree angle, with a head that is small enough to fit in your mouth without making you strain to fit it. Replace your brush at least once every three months, but you should also pay attention to the condition of the bristles. As the bristles dampen, they are bent out of shape. This makes your brushing ineffective, and may harm your teeth.


Your frugal side shouldn’t kick in when you’re flossing. You’ll need a length of string that is at least 18-20 inches so you can wrap it securely around your finger. Otherwise the floss is likely to slip when you try to use it between your teeth. Also, gentle is the name of the game. If you try to force your floss down the cavities between your teeth, you will end up harming your gums.

Floss one tooth at a time, using a gentle sliding motion as you go from one to the next. There are also flossing picks you can purchase that provide a bit of extra grip for you.

Final Thoughts

The most important aspect of oral hygiene is keeping up with it. It’s hard to devote adequate time to brushing and flossing when you have a million other things to do. Here is a piece of advice for those who find it tough to stick with their routines: try television or your favorite song. The time will fly by when you’re watching something interesting or listening to something you love. Then you’re done before you know it.

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