Don’t Be a Metal Mouth

No, we’re not talking about braces. Although composite fillings are becoming the norm, there are still some dentists who use metal fillings to repair cavities and decay. But what’s so bad about metal fillings?

Metal No-Nos

There are many reasons why metal fillings can be harmful or even dangerous. For example, at the very least metalcomposite fillings fillings take forever to solidify and stick out. In contrast, composite fillings harden quickly and blend in with the natural color of your tooth.

But metal fillings can cause damage too. Metal conducts temperature, and having a chunk of metal in the middle of your tooth means that your tooth will be extra sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This can cause pain in the tooth. Also, even though you should not be chewing on things anyway, if you have an oral fixation and like to chew on objects like have metal in them (like the ends of pens or pencils), metal and metal together can cause a jolt of pain through your tooth.

It can be even worse than simple pain, though. Metal fillings contain mercury, which, in significant amounts, can be extremely harmful to your health.

The Other Option

Today metal fillings are becoming more and more rare, and composite fillings are in. These fillings don’t use any metal at all! Instead, they use a combination of plastic resin and glass-like particles that are ground into a fine powdery mixture.

Plus, as mentioned briefly above, there are many other reasons why composite fillings are the better choice. From the time needed to complete the procedure to the fact that no one will know you’ve had a filling, the benefits are endless.

Obviously, the best option is not needing a filling at all, so make sure you are taking good care of your teeth. Daily brushing and flossing is essential if you are going to prevent cavities. However, not everyone is perfect and sometimes decay happens, no matter how well you brush. In these circumstances, come see Dr. Sid Solomon and have your cavities filled without any metal at all!

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