Yes, Your Dentist Can Give Botox Injections

Everyone knows that Botox can treat facial lines and wrinkles, but the injectable made from the botulinum toxin A is also effective for treating headaches, jaw tension, and temporo-mandibular joint disorders (TMD). Botox injections are highly effective, but only if injected into the right locations by an experienced provider.

Botox at a dentist’s office?

Perhaps you are wondering if it is a good idea to get Botox at a dental office. If anyone has the most experience withbotox injections the lips, mouth, jaw, and face, you’re your dentist. If trained in Botox injections, your dentist can give provide the injections and you can expect excellent results.

Your Botox appointment

 Your Botox appointment is going to be a quick one. In fact, you can have it over your lunch break. After 10 minutes, and a few small injections, in Dr. Solomon’s Los Angeles office, you can expect a significant improvement in the lines between your eyebrows within a few days. Results last up to four months.

Botox injections will only be administered by one of our professionally trained doctors. If you have sensitive areas on the face, an anesthetic cream or an ice pack can be applied beforehand. Should the areas inside and around the lips need treatment, they will be anesthetized to ensure optimal results. Due to the small diameter of the needles used, the sensation from a Botox injection is usually equated to a pinch; most of our patients don’t feel the need for any anesthetic.

For more information on Botox and how you can benefit from this treatment, call us today at 310-475-5598 to schedule an appointment. We’d love to hear from you!

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