More Than Just Good Reviews: Picking a Dentist

Choosing a new dentist is very important. This is the person you’re entrusting your entire family’s oral health to. All the cavities, the baby teeth, the smiles in the family pictures. It’s a big job. But no matter how qualified and experienced a dentist is, he or she isn’t necessarily the right dentist for you.

So what does make someone the right dentist for you? Here are some important factors that you might not consider.

dental healthAll About the Atmosphere
The atmosphere in a dentist’s office is very important. It sets the stage right from the very beginning. When you walk in do you feel comfortable and at home? Are you fine waiting in the waiting room? If you’re looking for a family dentist, you should keep your eyes open for lobby toys, children’s magazines, or even a small playground. If you’re more of the sophisticated type, you’ll probably want to look for classy décor and fashion magazines. Although these have nothing to do with dentistry, they are important to how you feel about this dentist personally.

Mr. (or Miss) Personality
Once you feel comfortable in the waiting room, you’ll finally meet the dentist and his or her team of hygienists. While it may not seem like it is important that your personalities mesh (again, it doesn’t specifically pertain to dentistry), it is critical in finding the right dentist for you. Bear in mind that you will be having two types of talks with these people: awkward small talk while your mouth is wide open and full of dental tools and serious conversation about your and your family’s oral health. If you settle for someone who has great reviews but there’s no spark, you will be miserable every time you go to the dentist.

Location, Location, Location
If everything else is perfect, then it shouldn’t be a problem to drive a little farther away to visit the dentist. However, if you live in a good-sized community, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a dentist close by who fits the above requirements, is a good at what he does, and takes your insurance.

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