Rock-a-Bye Baby in the Dentist’s Chair

sedation dentistryYou may not be in the treetop, but you are in the dentist’s chair and you certainly are anxious. What are your options? One of the most soothing and calming things that can happen at the dentist’s office is sedation dentistry. Whether it is merely being used as a painkiller or it is being used to calm someone’s frazzled nerves, sedation dentistry is a miracle.

There are three main options in sedation dentistry.

Laughing Gas
Perhaps the most common, especially when associated with the dentist, laughing gas is a type of sedation. You will still be conscious, but you will not remember much. Think of it as that semi-conscious state that happens right before and after you fall asleep. You are able to interact with other people, as well as accomplish tasks, but you can’t remember what you did or when or how.

Laughing gas is inhaled and is known for being perfect for getting people to relax and ease up. Hence the name: laughing gas. When using it, it is very easy to loosen up and start to “laugh.” It helps relieve the pain, distract from the pain that is still being felt, and simply relax the body and spirit.

This is very popular for dental procedures since you are in control the entire time. You are also able to drive yourself home after any procedures done on laughing gas.

Oral Sedation
There are a variety of pills available that can help put you to sleep at the dentist’s office. They range in strength from the bare minimum available to something super strong. They may even be completely asleep, but just barely under.

IV Sedation
While stronger than oral sedation, this method is also often used in dentist’s office for more serious procedures. This is the case so that patients can be unconscious but still have a sedation method that is easier to plan and control. It works very quickly and completely, while still being healthier than full-on general anesthesia.

It doesn’t matter why you are thinking about sedation dentistry. You have options and your dentist will help you decide which one is right for your personal circumstance.

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