Dentures Vs. Veneers: Picking the Right Solution for You

chin-in-handsWhen your teeth start to slowly— or quickly— decay, it leaves you with imagery of looking like a hillbilly from an episode of Beverly Hillbillies. However, just because you have to have your teeth removed, doesn’t mean that you have to look toothless. In fact, there are many solutions available for you to choose from that can help give you your bite back. As two of the most common solutions, dentures and veneers are both unique in their own ways. Read on to learn more about if one of these solutions is right for you.



As an all mouth solution, dentures are a great way to give you back your bite without having to undergo any of the pain associated with permanent dental implants. As a false set of teeth that have designed to perfectly fit and match your jaw structure, dentures will give you the ability to chew, smile, and talk as normal. Plus, with the ability to take them out at night, dentures will give you flexibility like you wouldn’t believe.


However, as a downside, because they are a non-permanent dental solution, many individuals find that dentures can be frustrating to maintain and often times forget to care for them properly.



As a more permanent solution to fixing any dental problems that you might have, dental veneers are a great way to get the permanent teeth you desire. By filing down your teeth to a small point, your dentist will then permanently glue a dental veneer over the top of the point, leaving you with a new set of teeth and a smile worth showing off. The best part about dental veneers is that they act like regular teeth and so you can enjoy the same foods as before without having to worry about your teeth falling out or dealing with any sort of associated pain or discomfort.


Both you and your dentist can decide whether dentures or veneers are the right option for you to choose from. To learn more about these dental solutions, contact our office today!

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