The Scariest Halloween Teeth In History

halloweenIf you’re a horror movie buff, you’ve likely seen your fair share of vampires with pointy fangs ready to attack their next victim. From dracula himself to the clown called IT, these horror movies are filled with scary teeth that will leave you and your family wanting to brush your teeth just one more time before bed.

  1. Dracula

As The Twilight series emerged over a decade ago, vampires suddenly began to regain their fame and horror in the spotlight. However, as the original and most terrifying vampire of all, Dracula himself can put everyone in the movie theater one inch closer to their neighbor due to fear. Emblazoned with pointy fangs himself, dracula boasts to have one of the scariest smiles in Hollywood.

  1. The Clown Called IT

This 1990’s film gave clown fearers a run for their money, as their fears of a scary clown attacking them came to life on the big screen. However, as one of the scariest parts of this clown’s appearance, his rotting smile gave dentists a little bit of enthusiasm that they themselves could fix a dental problem that bad.

  1. The Hills Have Eyes

This film sent even the most horror movie loving buffs running to hide under their beds. With a plot about a group of people/murderers trapped in the desert hills, this scary group of people resemble more of a zombie than of a human itself. With a mouthful of nasty decaying teeth, these characters left even the best dentist in the country fearing having to face a patient like that.

Horror movies are fun to both watch yourself and to watch your friends scream at the next jump-worthy scene. And, as one of the most gruesome parts of a costume, these three movies are filled with characters who have more than one dental problem that needs to be fixed.

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