5 Tips To Find Your Best Dentist

When choosing a dentist, there’s a variety of factors you need to consider such as how effective they are in their treatment procedures and how other patients feel about them. We discuss some tips on how to make sure that you find an effective dentist.

1) Reviews
Reviews Dentist
Their dental website may look great and they might claim that they have top-of-the-market advanced dental technology. However, in the end, it doesn’t matter at all unless their patients are satisfied under their care and treatment. We recommend looking at Google and Yelp reviews to see where your dentist ranks at as these are the most popular review-posting platforms.


2) Location
Location Dentist Near You Navigation
You find a 5-star dentist, but he is 40 miles away. Then, you find a 4.5-star dentist who’s only 3 miles away. Since these grades don’t vary dramatically, you would waste less time and gas on going to that 4.5 star dentist. However, if the dentist is rated 2-stars from numerous reviews, you would probably be better off going to that 5 star dentist.


3) Customer Service/Care
Friendly Receptionist
The dentist shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a dentist. When you choose a dentist, you also choose the dental office and the service staff working with the dentist. If these service staff members don’t seem respectful or are super unorganized, you should try finding luck with other dental offices as these people are the ones who file your important insurance information and confidential materials.


4) Comfort/Cleanliness
Dirty Dental Office
Sure, you might have the best dentist and the most respectful receptionists. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in the office because of hygienic reasons, this is a huge problem.
If the floor and chairs in the main lobby seem remotely destroyed and dirty, then what does that say about the tools the dentist uses?


5) Wait Time/Response Delay
Waiting for Dentist Long Time
Boredom is the last thing on your mind when choosing a dental office, but if you are told to constantly wait and keep having your appointments rescheduled, then you should look elsewhere. Sometimes you can’t afford to have appointments rescheduled for travel purposes or you can’t wait too long sitting in the lobby because you under a time-constraint at work. Wasted time can be a huge unforeseen outcome of randomly choosing a dentist near you with semi-good reviews.

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