8 Tips To Break Your Sugar Addiction

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We all have crazy sugar cravings, from downing a pint of ice cream or just drinking a large fruit smoothie with heavy sugar content. Here are 8 tips to help you break out of these cravings.

1) Plan Your Meals.

Meal Prep Sugar

When it comes to bad sugar habits, it results from impulsive behavior to suddenly crave the sweet taste and get a temporary energy boost. When you plan your meals and prep them in advance for the week, you have a lot more control and time over what you can make.


2) Clean Your Kitchen.

cleaning kitchen

Sugar comes in many different forms, including but not limited to:

    – brown sugar
    – syrups (cane, glucose, corn syrup)
    – lactose
    – barley malt
    – fruit juice concentrates
    – glucose, sucrose, and fructose

Read the nutritional facts and ingredients to see just how much sugar is in a candy bar. The answer might surprise you.


3) Eat plenty of fiber:


Fiber helps keep you feeling full, so you get less hungry and have less sugar craving. Fiber is prevalent in many different types of beans and vegetables. Plus, it also aids in digesting your food efficiently. Win-win.


4) Opt for actual fruits instead of fruit juices.


Fruit juices contain a heavy concentration of sugar because it can be downed like water. You’d be surprised how much juice one orange actually makes because it’s not that much relative to a full glass of orange juice. Plus, fruits haven’t been processed, so they carry a lot of benefits such as anti-oxidants and fiber.


5) Brush your teeth.

brushing teeth

Research shows that after brushing teeth, people refrain from eating because they associate it with the habit of doing it before sleeping, where there is no eating.


6) Drink plenty of water.

Water Cup

Water helps you abstain from hunger because it fills your stomach with something. Ask yourself if you are really hungry or thirsty when you suddenly crave sugar. Usually, if you don’t crave an apple, then you’re not hungry.


7) Exercise.


Exercising will not only make you feel good through endorphin release, but it will also help your body get into a healthier state, so sugar won’t harm you as much without exercising.


8) Experiment in the Kitchen.


Use fresh ingredients that taste good, and make your own recipes, so you can rely on your own food for energy rather than rely on sugar.




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