Secrets to a Healthier Smile

1. Visit the dentist more frequently.

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Most people that visit the dentist office go twice a year. Surprisingly, this isn’t enough because bacteria starts growing back after only 3 months. Going to the dentist frequently might be more expensive especially if you pay out of pocket, but health should always come first.

2. Scared of pain from the dentist? You should reconsider your dentist…


Discomfort should never be an issue at the dentist office. Every type of pain has a relief with the magic of modern medicine, and even the most painful operations like root canals offer no pain when paired with a numbing application like anesthesia.

3. Don’t wait for the pain…


Initially, most dental problems don’t cause any pain, but when a cavity becomes deep or when gum disease becomes more pervasive, that’s when you start feeling the pain. Not only does it harm your oral health significantly, but it can also cost significantly more than a simple check-up.

4. Flossing is key:

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Flossing is significantly helpful. You might be wondering, how can a piece of string help me get a better-looking smile? While brushing removes bacteria from the surface of the teeth, flossing removes hard-to-reach clutters physically stuck between the teeth preventing bacteria growth and build-up.

5. Don’t underestimate dentists.

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Your teeth and mouth are connected to your body. That is why dental issues like TMJ that painfully affect the entire body exist. Also, gum disease has been proven to be linked to heart disease through several studies. It takes years of education to understand each the exact function of various teeth and the mouth, and how to cure issues with them.

6. The mouth can’t lie.

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Whether it’s tobacco, alcohol, or mouthwash, it only takes one look into your mouth for your dentist to know what is being consumed by you. Your teeth also show signs of smoking or wearing down by various types of food. Your dentist can identify which sorts of products ruin your teeth.

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