Tips To Keep Your Teeth Clean Between Meals

tips to keep teeth clean between meals

Keeping your teeth healthy and white would also require you to keep your teeth clean between meals. You can do this by various factors including:

1) Snacking wisely:

You’d be surprised how snacking patterns can affect teeth negatively especially when paired with foods like potato chips. Chips leave starch between teeth causing plaque buildup.
Opt for eating broccoli, carrots, seeds, nuts or apples as they don’t lead to bacteria build up in the teeth and have essential nutrients that rather lead to stronger teeth.


2) Brush and floss after meals:

Although you shouldn’t over-brush your teeth, after eating a meal, you should brush or at least floss your teeth to get rid of the food decaying between your teeth. If you’re worried about over-brushing or even if you don’t have toothpaste to brush your teeth, you should just use a toothbrush as a way to get rid of the food scraps covering the teeth enamel.


3) Chewing sugar-free gum:

Chewing ADA-approved gum (American Dental Association) guarantees safer teeth. This occurs because chewing gum simulates saliva within the mouth balancing the acidity on the teeth from food scraps and washing away surface-touching bacteria.


4) Drinking water:

Water will always be an essential tool to wash away bacteria and act as a buffer to the ph of the mouth, modifying the acidity content of the teeth.

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