Got Sensitive Teeth? Try These Tips:

Sensitive teeth can cause irritation in the mouth and even give headaches. Here are some tips to aid in alleviating sensitive teeth:

Sid Solomon DDS TMJ Dentist White Teeth Cosmetic

1. Consider getting a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

Ingredients in most toothpastes are generally the same. However, when it comes to sensitive teeth, there are special ingredients and changes in the concentration of Fluoride to relieve sensitive teeth.

2. Brushing Too Hard

You might just be brushing too roughly if you have sensitive teeth. Brush in smoother, longer strokes rather than forcing the brush back and forth between your teeth in a fast motion.

3. Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can harm teeth enamel significantly and chip away at teeth, increasing irritation within the teeth. If you think you are suffering from teeth grinding unconsciously, then you might have to get a checkup to confirm and get a mouth-guard.

4. Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks

It might be that you’re consuming too many acidic foods such as pure lime juice or soda. These foods can cause significant teeth sensitivity. You should ask your dentist what foods are right for your teeth based on your sensitivity.


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