5 Facts You Won’t Believe About Teeth

Cut Your Hair and Your Teeth

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Way back in the 1800’s before the era of modern dentists, barbers and blacksmiths used to perform all teeth treatments. Furthermore, the reasons for visiting these archaic dentists were astonishingly limited to: teeth removals and toothaches. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many academic and licensing requiements to treat such an integral part of the human body.


Mountain Dew Mouth

Drinking acidic beverages can cause enamel erosion, requiring multiple dental procedures. (U.S. Air Force photo by Col. Alan Sutton)

For the poor impecunious people of the Appalachian mountain regions, many have resorted to consuming Mountain Dew as it provides them with a sugary taste followed by a satisfying caffeinated feeling for a cheap cost. Surprisingly, people have even started substituting it for water. This has ignited “Mountain Dew Mouth” syndrome where teeth become rotten brown and stained immensely.


Ancient Brushing

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Habitual, day-to-day teeth care has existed for a long time. People have been brushing their teeth since ancient Egyptian times. However, back then, toothbrushes were made of twigs from trees with antibacterial properties, like cinnamon. The real shocker is that these were found to be as effective as regular contemporary toothbrushes.

Toothpaste wasn’t nearly as effective today, as people back then used random, sporadic mixtures like ash, eggshells, and bones.


Mayan Treasures

Sid Solomon DDS TMJ Dentist White Teeth Cosmetic

Mayans were super advanced when it came to understanding the teeth. Despite being a civilization over 2500 years ago, they were the first to perform successful dental implants. Nevertheless, these implants were nothing like normal implants. Mayan dentists skillfully cut a circles and other shapes in the center of the teeth to implant jewels. Thus, the Mayans were the creators of cosmetic dentistry.


Toothache Treatment

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During the time of our ancestors, people believed in some ridiculous placebo effects for teeth treatment. One such method was exchanging saliva with a frog which is flat-out just gross. Not only is it disgusting, but it could have result in even more dental damage, especially since some species of frogs are poisonous.

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