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Got Sensitive Teeth? Try These Tips:

Sensitive teeth can cause irritation in the mouth and even give headaches. Here are some tips to aid in alleviating sensitive teeth: 1. Consider getting a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. Ingredients in most toothpastes are generally the same. However, when it comes to sensitive teeth, there are special ingredients and changes in the concentration […]

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A Brief History of Dental Filling Materials

As long as people have had teeth, they have needed some basic form of dental care. Although preventative dentistry as we think of it today is a much newer concept, restorative dentistry goes a long way back. No matter how rudimentary or ancient, people have been trying to fix and fill up their teeth with […]

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The Benefits of Flossing

If you have been a patient of Dr. Sid Solomon’s for long you have likely heard all about the benefits of flossing your teeth. No matter how often you visit the dentist’s office for professional examinations and cleanings – the single best thing you can do to protect your smile from decay and damage is […]

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Oral Healthcare Basics

Oral hygiene is only as effective as the routine you plan for it. Here are some tips to help anyone go back to basics and keep up on oral health. Brushing Most dentists will recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, with three times being the ideal. Any more than that […]

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