White Fillings

Composite Fillings in Los Angeles, CA

shutter metal free fillings_134544716At CCIND, we want our patients to have the best possible oral health and the best possible smile. That is why we use the most advanced restorative material – white fillings, otherwise known as composite fillings. White fillings used at our office are made of a durable all-ceramic, metal-free material thatblends in seamlessly with the rest of the tooth. This material can also be used to repair worn teeth, replace chipped or missing teeth, close spaces between teeth, and repair stained teeth. We not only aim to restore the oral health of our patients, but also to enhance the natural beauty of their smile.

shutter metal free fillings_107333315There has been much controversy regarding the mercury that is present in conventional silver fillings. The FDA has conducted many studies to determine whether mercury containing fillings pose a risk to dental patients, especially children and pregnant women. Dr. Solomon and CCIND have been on the forefront of this debate and believe that composite fillings are a far better, safer, and more durable solution that silver fillings which contain mercury. Dr. Solomon was interviewed by Channel 7 news recently regarding this matter. Please click here to view the news story.
Benefits of White Fillings

shutter met free fillings_178662614In addition to eliminating the potential health risks associated with silver fillings, white fillings are more beneficial to our patients for several reasons-

• Less drilling- White fillings require less removal of healthy tooth structure.
• Less sensitive to hot and cold- Silver fillings contain metal which conducts changes in temperature to the inside of the tooth, causing sensitivity. Since white fillings are metal-free this sensitivity is eliminated.
• More natural appearance- Silver fillings turn black over time and can be obvious even in the back of the mouth, while white fillings look like your natural tooth. We want our patients to smile with confidence instead of feeling self-conscious about dark metal fillings.

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