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Sedation Dentistry Options at CCIND

sedation dentistry in los angelesSome people are fearful of dental procedures, even to the point of avoiding any dental care or procedures. If you are one of those people, you should understand that you are not alone and there are helpful options that we at CCIND offer to make your experience less stressful.

We want to ensure that your dental procedure is as comfortable as possible, so we offer the following types of sedation.

Minimal Sedation

With minimal sedation using nitrous oxide, you will be awake, but relaxed. With this type of dental sedation, you have the added benefit of being able to drive yourself home after your appointment.

Moderate Sedation

Moderate sedation is also called “conscious sedation”
and is the most common type of sedation. This type of sedation usually uses an oral medication. The medication is usually administered about an hour before the start of the procedure.

los angeles sedation dentistIV sedation is also used for moderate sedation. This entails a sedative administered through a vein, making it faster than oral sedation. With this method, the dentist can continually adjust the level as needed.

During moderate sedation, patients are in a state of extreme relaxation; however, they will still be awake and able to respond to instructions if necessary.

Deep Sedation

With deep sedation, you will be give medication that will render you almost or completely unconscious for the procedure.

No matter which type of sedation you receive, you will also likely need a local anesthetic to further reduce any pain the procedure may cause.

Benefits of Sedation

Dental sedation offers many benefits for both the patient and the dentist, including:

  • Increased comfort
  • Patient relaxation
  • Little to no memory of treatment
  • Time saving, as fewer appointments may be needed

At CCIND, we will discuss our sedation procedures with you to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Call our office today (310.475.5598) to make an appointment or ask any questions!

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