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If you’re trying to improve your smile, you have probably looked into veneers. These are like masks for your teeth in that they are cemented onto your original teeth to make them look whiter, straighter, and overall more comely. But veneers can cost anywhere from $800-$2000 per individual veneer. Why are they so expensive?Supply and Demand
One of the basic rules of economics is that you can offer however much someone will pay for it. Because people strongly value good smiles, on both a social and psychological level, they are willing to pay a lot of money for veneers. Enough people have placed a high enough value on their false smiles that they are willing to pay that much.

Materials and Production
Part of the reason veneer costs vary so much is that there are so many different factors. What material you choose (usually porcelain) and how the veneers are made to fit your teeth (often through computer generation) will both affect the price. Obviously, if you choose a higher quality product, you will be paying more.

In addition, the more of the product you need, the more you will pay. If you’re on a budget, veneers will kill it. You probably won’t be able to afford placing a veneer on every single tooth. However, most veneers are made from materials even stronger than natural tooth enamel. This “teeth” will last for at least 5 years, if not a few decades. Even if you cover your 12 front teeth (6 on front, 6 on bottom) at $1000 per veneer, if your veneers last 20 years that is less than $2 a day for a beautiful smile!

Not Just a Product
It’s important to remember that not only are you paying for the veneers themselves, but you’re also paying for the experience and the installation. You are paying your dentist for his careful work in molding your mouth and cementing the veneers to your teeth. You are paying for his time and his expertise.

All things considered, it’s no wonder the price of veneers can add up. However, if you really want that beautiful smile, it will be worth it.

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by Anonymous on October 2, 2018

This is a great dental office. They greet you when you enter, and give you a status report on how soon you will be seen. They do thorough and professional work on you, so you are always satisfied with the results. And when you are finished, they are generous with their time planning your next visit, and answering any questions you might have. They also give fantastic advice on what you should be doing at home to maintain great dental health.

star star star star star
by CRYSTAL L on October 2, 2018

First class operation. Excellent care for over a decade!

star star star star star
by NAZY Z on October 2, 2018

On time and took care of exactly what I was concerned about.. Thank you had a great experience

star star star star star
by William (Drew) P on October 2, 2018

The costs are incredibly high, even with insurance. I would not go back and not refer anyone. I am going to try to be placed with a different primary care dentist.

star star star star star
by Kami C on October 2, 2018

He is very patient and kind when dealing with TMD. I also like his techniques he uses to get to the root of the issue and not just patch it up like many dentists I have dealt with before.

star star star star star
by VICTORIA B on October 2, 2018

Office very nice, and staff friendly. Dr Solomon very professional and full of expert information , would go back and tell friends, Thank You